Australian guideline and calculator for assessing and managing cardiovascular disease risk

Overview of process for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and management

  • AF: atrial fibrillation; BMI: body mass index; BP: blood pressure; CAC: coronary artery calcium; CKD: chronic kidney disease; eGFR: estimated glomerular filtration rate; FH: familial hypercholesterolaemia; HbA1c: haemoglobin A1c; HDL-C: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; TC: total cholesterol; uACR: urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio
  • Family history: coronary heart disease (CHD) or stroke in a first-degree female relative aged <65 years or a first-degree male relative aged <55 years.
  • Severe mental illness: a current or recent mental health condition requiring specialist treatment, whether received or not, in the 5 years prior to the CVD risk assessment. Derived from PREDICT cohort. 50